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I don’t work to win awards, I win awards because I work… That’s how I like to think of if anyway. I don’t try to get the awards, though it’s pretty amazing when it happens.

In 2012 I won the Top Senior Travel Consultant award in our division, in 2013 I won the American Express Pacesetter award and went to Las Vegas for a few days on conference, in the same year I won the Top Team Leader award in our division and in our business overall. In 2014, I have now been nominated for an ASATA (Association of South African Travel Agents) Diners Club award for Corporate Consultant and I could not be more excited.

The list of nominees has been released and I truly do have some stiff competition, cream of the crop, creme de la creme of the travel industry. I don’t know if I am going to win, in my category alone out of the 6 nominees, 5 are employed by the company I work for (Just goes to show!), but even if I don’t, to say that I was nominated for one of this countries most prestigious travel awards is award enough. Definitely a feather in my cap and a notch on my CV.

Good luck to all the nominees, see you next week for the awards evening – I cannot wait!!!

List of nominees.

Let’s start with basic definitions as per the English language :

a restriction on the size or amount of something permissible or possible.
“an age limit”
synonyms: maximum, ceiling, limitation, upper limit; More
antonyms: minimum
a speed limit.
“a 30 mph limit”


noun: target; plural noun: targets
an objective or result towards which efforts are directed.
“the car met its sales target in record time”
synonyms: objective, goal, object, aim, end, desired result; M


I do not have a drivers license to drive a car, yet I do have an education and obtained a matric certificate with English as a first language, so to avoid being told that I don’t know what I’m talking about, I will take that direction instead.

A speed limit is exactly that, a limit. It is, as per my dictionary definition above, a restriction on the size or amount of something permissible or possible. A speed limit is set by law, for a reason and the limit set on a particular road is the absolute fastest you’re permitted to drive on that road at that particular time. Why limiters are not sold stock standard on all cars / bikes to limit speeds to 120kph (The maximum permissible speed limit in this country), I don’t know? A speed limit is NOT a target, target definition being an objective or result towards which efforts are directed. You will not win a prize if you reach the speed limit and if caught over the speed limit by the law, the only target will be on your rectum from the cell of a prison.

When a speed limit is set on a particular road (Or the generic speed limit is applied based on the type of road / area in which you are traveling), there is well thought out reason behind this. How ever little your faith (or mine) may be in the law, this is the one area I will back them and their cause. No one is above the speed limit and no one should be allowed to push that limit, my only exceptions would be medical services or police in an emergency however where the yellow lane can be used, it should be. What this means is that, if a speed limit on the highway / freeway is 120kph, the absolute fastest you may travel is 120kph. It does NOT mean that you can travel more than that designated limit because you are in the ‘fast lane’. If you are in the so called fast lane, the fastest traveling speed permitted is 120kph. (Am I getting this through clearly?). Any motorist driving faster than 120kph is breaking the law and should be fined or better yet, imprisoned. Every kilometer per hour faster you drive increases the risk of you murdering my family while we abide by this law. Why should those of us who abide by the speed limit be victimized, sworn at and flipped off because we value our lives and the lives of others on the roads?

Dramatic you say? Perhaps. Today a family day out was tainted by a man doing exactly that, practicing criminal behavior. En route to our family day, to a zoo in Limpopo, we were in the fast lane doing between 110 and 120kph. My husband is very good at obeying the speed limit because he has learned not to have that fight with me, he has no valid argument if he tries. He is overly cautious and especially responsible with the girls in the car. We were traveling on a two lane ‘highway’ that was rather busy for a Saturday morning. We noticed a vehicle getting extremely close to us, trying to push us forward almost in an effort to get us to increase our speed… We did not take notice of him and carried on driving at the legal limit. He fell back a bit and we thought that finally, this speedster had gotten the picture. When it was clear for him to overtake, he did exactly that, sped up and came past. I’m 100% ok with that because if you’re speeding and want to be reckless, rather pass us and do it in your own stretch of road. Sadly, his obvious frustration got the better of him and once in front of us decided to slow down to try and irritate us. This backfired on him as we were nonplussed by his slowing down, he then pulled out into the left hand lane and hubby accelerated to continue with our journey, sadly BMW X3 driver had other ideas. He swerved directly in front of our vehicle so that we couldn’t pass and then when Jp swerved to the left to get out of the way and avoid a collision, he quickly swerved back in front of us to stop us again. His driving was scary, completely reckless and criminal to say the least, exhibiting this behavior and road manner that not only endangered our lives but the lives of my children in the car that he was completely oblivious too as well as the lives of any other vehicle / driver on the road. Thankfully my husband slowed down and we let him race off at what must have been 180kph watching him weave speedily in and out of traffic, but not before I took down his license plate number and have certain people working on taking this man to task.

What did I take from this? I realized that along with 80% of the population, this man too did not know how to operate his indicator on his expensive ‘flashy’ car. I made the deduction that either he needed Alcoholics Anonymous for being drunk at 7:30am in the morning or alternatively, wanted to recommend an anger management class for his apparent road rage. I also became one with my evil side who secretly hoped that karma would get her own back and we’d see his vehicle further down the road, on its roof. But shhhhhhhh, that’s just me being nasty. The sad reality is that, while there are no scientific statistics that prove the number of road rage death fatalities on our roads, studies indicate that two thirds of traffic fatalities can be attributed to aggressive behavior on the roads. We could have died this morning because he was being a moron and that’s something that has played on my mind today, it is too close to home.

This is not on. Too many people complain about drivers like this but can you say that you obey the law when you drive? Do you adhere to the speed limit? Do you drive dry? Are you texting and driving? Do you make a point of getting the hand of the law down on idiots like this? I realize that perhaps this time, nothing will get done, but know that nothing will change unless we work together to drive like responsible, educated adults who have drivers licenses and are willing to stand up and fight against irresponsibility. We are human and have made mistakes, but nothing says that you can’t make the promise that from today and going forward you will make sure you do not become one of these drivers that frustrated and angry people like me feel the need to blog about, or worse, cause permanent damage to yourself or a vehicle alongside you. We have no cause for complaint about the crime in our country if we are all reduced to being criminals like my favorite X3 driver, it starts with one.

Arrive Alive




Appeal from a 2 Wheeler

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Personal, Travel
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This morning I woke up to beautiful,  cool, wet and rainy weather. I love this weather… especially when I can stay in bed.

Sadly, today I can’t because it’s Friday which means I have to go to work. Sad because I’ve got to drive in the rain,  not because I have to go to work.

I’m appealing to ALL drivers on the roads today to THINK BIKE and to all bike drivers, THINK CAR in weather like this. Last night I had to drive home in the rain which meant driving very slowly and cautiously to avoid an accident, while I got home safely thanks to my own caution, the same cannot be said for the cars that sped past me at speeds that definitely don’t allow for sudden breaking.

As a scooter owner, in wet weather that I don’t have a choice in driving in, this is what I’m going to do.

I’m going to SLOW DOWN – Self explanatory.  In wet weather on a bike, the driver and the bike get soaked… this includes the brakes which I won’t risk not working in higher speeds where I can slide out on the road.

I’m going to use my brights. When there is no oncoming car, I will use my brights to see in front of me. Out of courtesy, when I see a car coming from the opposite direction I will turn them off. I’d appreciate you doing the same, while you’re coming at me with your brights on, I can’t see anything including the road.

I may weave potholes. If I hit one,  I will slip, buckle a wheel and probably get driven over by the speedster on my ass. This is not an excuse for you to overtake me in my own lane… if I’ve swerved slightly to the left to avoid a donga in the tar, maybe you should do the same?

By all means overtake me… I understand that you’re not comfortable doing the speed limit or less and feel the need to overtake me to reach your speed target. In fact,  I’d rather you do so I don’t get involved in your accident. If you are going to overtake, do it like you would a car. Wait for oncoming traffic to clear, move out into that lane and then come in front of me. Trying to overtake me in my own lane while cars are coming is just not advisable. I may not fill the road but have every right to use it… I’m a nice chick too, I’d probably move over if I saw you coming.

Get off my ass! There is no need to drive so close you’re trying to get inside. I will not drive faster and I will not move over. In fact, I’d try everything to irritate you. Drive the speed limit or over take me properly.

I’m going to get wet. I’m ok with this. You do not need to aggravate the situation by driving through the dam in the road at 120kph. I’m not keen on tsunamis in suburbia, try to be mindful of that when we’re passing this body of water at the same time.

So my appeal to you all is to drive safely and be mindful of others on the road… we all have somewhere to go.


…doesn’t stay in Vegas.

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Travel
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For all her magic and wonder, Vegas has a few surprises up her sleeves…not always pleasant.

On every corner, among many an Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Transformer and Wookie (Don’t forget the show girls as well), there as just as many and if not more homeless people. From a guitar with the words ‘hungry and talented’ to a vagrant whose cat wore sunglasses. From an old man using the sidewalk as a pillow to water sellers trying to make lunch money in the 41 degree heat. Bodies decorate the strip whist the wealthy and fun loving walk past without even glancing sideways.

A visit to McDonalds resulted in a foreign Big Mac, bottomless Dr Pepper, the mention of ‘pop’ (later recognized as cool drink) and a hungry man begging for leftovers at every table. A walk back to the hotel and we had the pleasure of meeting Mr Vegas. An old man dressed in cowboy hat and boots, a pink jacket and very fake jewelry. Mr Vegas spoiled us with his gentlemanly vernacular shouting out things like ‘Look at my big balls’ and attempting to put his geriatric tongue down Ellen’s throat.

For all Vegas was, she certainly was not boring! It’s a place I never would’ve visited on my own at my own expense and believe me, she was expensive.

I can happily say that I came, I saw, I conquered, I got tattooed and afterwards I blogged and face booked all about it. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas after all ;)

What happens in Vegas…

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Travel
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What exactly happens in Vegas you ask?
My answer… Exactly everything you see in the movies and more.

At first arrival, Las Vegas is hot. Hot as hell. The locals are calling it the hottest summer they’ve ever seen and record temperatures of 41 degrees further dry out the desert air.
At first glance you think money. Power. Fame. Celebrity… Lifestyles of the rich and the famous. 5 star suites, casino play and Gucci on every corner.
At first smell… Well, nothing. I don’t recall a smell, this may be that after 24 hours of flying from Johannesburg, my nose had died.
At first taste, sweet. The sucrose in every Margarita and cocktail on the strip.
At first hearing, loud. Vegas is busy. Buskers and builders and Australians too. Slot machines and a hustler on every corner with the promise of a girl in your bed in 20 minutes.
At first touch, from clean to most unclean…the difference between north, south and downtown.

No doubt that on landing, I knew Vegas was everything I expected and more. She was enticing, intimidating and the bearer of gifts to her visitors.
Our humble abode was the Palazzo all suite 5 star hotel, most Venetian, colorful and vibrant. A shop on every corner without the need to ever leave the hotel but for a short to / from journey from the hotel. Casino’s ablaze with table players 24/7 and the slot machines that never sleep. 5am street curfews in Vegas need not apply in here…

In the wonder of her beauty, we ventured out. Her heart and soul on fire in downtown Las Vegas, where locals and the strip meet..

End of Part 1