I am beginning to believe my life revolves around needles in every way possible. If I am not being tattooed (And writing about it), I am being stabbed with fairly large needles to switch off my ovaries. Not that I am complaining, on the one side I am enjoying the needle pain receiving pretty skin pictures and on the other, I am enjoying the pain that the needle takes away.

Exactly 28 days ago, I walked into my GP’s rooms for the first of 6 monthly Zoladex injections to prepare my body and reproductive system for its impending removal. You would think that I can remember exactly how I felt that day but sitting here, a month later, it all feels like a blur. I remember being extremely anxious, not for the emotional rollercoaster that followed but because I had googled for hours and hours the day before, reading horror story after horror story about other women in my position and their own experiences with Zoladex. The success stories were few and far between and needle size comparisons a plenty. I sat there with my collected prescription in hand preparing for what I thought was going to be an almost piercing experience and turned out to be nothing of the kind.

needle comparison
Zoladex needle vs regular needle

I walked into the Dr’s office and as I sat down, I explained to him the situation and he asked me to lay down as he proceeded to tell me that he disliked giving Zoladex injections as much as the patients disliked receiving them. This did very little for the last ounce of bravery I was reserving for the actual injection and as he washed his hands and prepared the needle, I felt tears welling up. The Dr moved over to where I was laying, pinched my abdominal skin (read: fat) together and as I looked away he quickly injected me with the Zoladex implant and within seconds, it was over. He was wiping me down and putting a little plaster over my tiny little blood spot… and that was it! There was no mad pain, there was no searing agony as this little piece of something was pushed into my belly, there was none of that. I am not sure if that was because I am so used to needles thanks to the piercings and tattoos I have but I had worked myself up for that injection so much so, that by the time I actually received it, it was a rather anti climatic occasion. I left fairly soon after that and the medication started doing it’s thing – my ovaries were being retired.


The first two weeks after the injection were heaven. I was in no pain whatsoever and thanks to my daily HRT (Tibolone), I was not experiencing any of the menopausal symptoms I had expected to feel. Those 2 weeks were the best I have felt in months, it was a sign that I had done the right thing. Until day 14 when, like clockwork, I started my period.

There are no words that I can use to describe what that pain was to me. For a textbook 5 days, I had a calendar period but just as the number of days was textbook, so was the endometriosis pain that followed. The Dr and my Gynae had warned me that before it gets better, it is definitely going to get worse and that is exactly what it did. For 3 days I was off work ill, in bed, in a foetal position struggling to catch my breath. I took a break from my newfound position of comfort to visit the Dr first thing on Tuesday morning to see if there was anything they could do. I had tried to take Ponstan for pain relief (Mefenamic acid) but that was having little to no effect and so I was hoping the Dr to prescribe my an alternative. There wasn’t much the Dr could do but give me a prescription for Co Codamol (a paracetamol  / codeine mix) to try and lesson the pain. Unfortunately, what this did was cause absolute severe nausea and sickness and took at least 24 hours to take any of the pain away.  Unlike my usual 8-14 day menses, I was surprised that this one ended very quickly (5 days on the dot) and I am hopeful that by the 2nd or 3rd injection, this bleeding nonsense will be a thing of the past – I am ready to be menopausal, I am ready to no longer have a period.

5a8154bfe75b8b27ae1638402da83989 62663153


Since the bleeding finished, I have gone back to feeling amazing. I am having no pain at all and still no menopausal symptoms which to me must mean that this combination of medication is working. I can only hope that this continues and tomorrow, injection number 2 is going into my stomach. Since my last injection and the few battle days I did have, I have also had to make some lifestyle changes which include going back to eating Paleo and getting my body to a comfortable, healthy state. I realise that in approximately 5 months, I will be going in for a serious surgery and that means I need this body to get back to the state it was a few years ago. I have been eating well, pumping it full of healthy greens and have now, on the recommendation of a friend, purchased a weighted hula hoop – Sunday night Britain’s Got Talent as I shake my booty to weight loss, I can deal.

I thank you all for your continued support up until this point and will definitely provide another chapter in the story when I have more news of what, how and why. If you missed the first two posts and are a little lost, you can catch up on my broken uterus in my posts Ovary Reaction and Waving goodbye to my womanhood

Shevy Xxx

Exterior decorating


You know you have an addiction when you no longer count the number of times you have done something but rather the number of hours spent doing it. By something, I mean getting tattooed and by addiction I mean, I am hooked.

I am not a professional. I am not an artist. I cannot tattoo. To be fair, I cannot really even draw but I have a true appreciation for the artwork that these talented guys and gals deliver onto my body each and every time and despite not being able to speak from the artist’s point of view, at over 50+ hours of tattoo time I think I do have a little bit of experience on the subject.  I am proud when I walk around because I feel pretty, oh so pretty and I particularly felt like this at the Brighton Tattoo Convention that I attended on Sunday, the 1st of May when I was stopped multiple times for a look at the pieces I show off proudly.  I grinned and gushed and posed while photographs were taken of my arms and legs and happily provided the names of the artist’s involved because they deserve every little bit of credit for these pretty pictures I get to wear daily, for the rest of my life!

Having spent a considerable amount of time being tattooed in the UK since I arrived, I got to thinking about the rituals that I have before being tattooed and how I prepare for a long session. I put the question out to my followers and readers on social media and I found that bar one (You know who you are Christopher), everyone seems to have similar rituals leading up to their tattoo appointment. I know that everyone is different and not everything works for everyone but I thought I would share some of my own rituals that I seem to have been doing subconsciously up until recently.

Ready for a tattoo? Communicate.

I don’t seem to specifically sit and map out my next tattoo, though I know many people who do. I always tell myself that I will finish my arm next or do my chest or plan out my leg sleeve but all of these plans seem to fade away when I see a pretty picture on Instagram or a share on my Facebook feed and get a random idea and roll with it. I was never really the biggest dotwork fan and never would have imagined getting a half dotwork sleeve but now I have it and I love it and cannot wait for more! (Nudge nudge Inga).

So the first step is to see something I like, make contact with the artist and then meet up for a chat or communicate via email / Facebook etc. Whichever medium works best for the artist and me at the time. (I find that I follow many tattoo artists on Instagram specifically and continuously troll pages when I’ve got nothing better to do). This is the time to bounce ideas of each other, listen to your artists suggestions and let them know what you’re looking for as well. It is important to give us much information to the tattooer as possible, they are not mind readers no matter how talented they are! Of course, they are there to offer support and assistance but it helps having an idea about placement, size and the end result you are looking for.

Take into consideration that these artists are people too, they have lives and families. If you are not sure what the best time would be to contact your artist is, ask them. Try to stick to normal ‘working hours’ if you can instead of emailing at 2am with your random idea. I know I have made that mistake before but have learnt my lesson, realistically I wouldn’t want my clients calling me at 2am to book flights so why would you expect the tattoo artist to do the same?

Good tattoos are not cheap or FREE!

The ever important discussion of MONEY should also come up at this time. I would like to know what I am paying for my tattoo and be able to budget realistically, don’t leave this for an awkward conversation the day of. I always know what I am going to pay, have my cash ready and make sure I try to initiate the payment at the end of a session (Unless I am too busy chatting, that can happen).

Without sounding rude or condescending, I don’t believe this to be a haggling session. If an artist sets their price and quotes it to me, that is what I will pay. I think it can be extremely insulting to try to bargain an artist down to a price you are willing to pay, especially on a first session.  You may find that artists run specials or have pieces that they would like to tattoo for a lower rate than normal, it always works out cheaper to sit for longer and so this is a great way to get an amazing piece for a good price from a fantastic artist. It is also important to remember that many tattoo artists recognise their loyal clients and offer preferential rates to people that get tattooed on a regular basis. If you’re going to be rude about the pricing on day 1, don’t expect a discount on the next session… I would love to hear the comments of artists on this opinion but remember, I am tattoo canvas and am just speaking from what I have seen in my time of sitting in many a tattoo chair.

Secure your spot!

The way I see it, you are committing to hours of this artists time that they will not resell to anyone else so you’re less likely to cancel once you have financially committed to your appointment.

Next and probably the most important step at this stage, I book in my time and pay my deposit. A lot of people don’t seem to realize that a deposit is required for a session/piece. The way I see it, you are committing to hours of this artists time that they will not resell to anyone else so you’re less likely to cancel once you have financially committed to your appointment. I don’t know an artist today who doesn’t require a deposit to secure the appointment so if you are reading this, forewarned is forearmed. It is also quite important to ask how your artist prefers payment for both the deposit and the balance. Many artists still don’t operate on card machines, if you need to have cash with you beforehand it is good to find this out instead of arriving for your appointment and running around looking for a cash machine before you can even get the stencil on your body. That said, I have been to artists who do accept cards as well as payment via PayPal. One artist or studio will differ from another so despite possibly having had a tattoo before, this experience could be very different from that of your first tattoo. Rather arm yourself with all the information you need and then leave the last of your focus for the mental preparation required in order to be pounded with ink and needle.


So you have an appointment, you have paid your deposit and the artist is working on drawing out the piece that you are ready to have tattooed… but suddenly you need to ask a thousand questions. ASK THEM! Your tattoo artist is there to help you, they know best, this is their livelihood, their specialty. If anyone can answer any tattoo questions or uncertainties you may have, it will be the person who is about to permanently decorate your temple. Tattoos are a beautiful thing but can be very intimidating, especially for those who haven’t had many or any. Make sure that on the day you arrive at the studio for your appointment on time, you are comfortable, you have had all of your questions answered, you are happy with everything that has been agreed and you are mentally ready (Not sure you ever actually get fully mentally prepared) to sit in that chair and take the needles.

Next time I will focus a little more on my actual pre-tattoo rituals and what to expect on the day.

Happy TATTOO Booking xx




I wake, I rise, I face the day.
Someday, one day, that day, today.
I hide the frown, the sadness away.
You won’t see it, that face today.

I feed, I care, I mind the child.
The duties. My duties, hide my wild.
The laundry, the dishes highly piled.
All the while I hide I’m riled.

I love, I see, I gift my heart
A wife. Your wife. A life we did start.
And now a mother, I accept this part.
Still in my head, my dreams do dart.

I ponder, I choose to sit alone.
In quiet, my solace, without a moan.
Feeling like myself I wish to clone.
Like my chances I have already blown.

The sadness comes in waves. In waves.
The face that remains, the face that’s brave.
The freedom, my freedom. I do, I crave.
But these dreams it’s time to shackle, to enslave.

I do not look for dreams anew.
My dreams they have changed, I see this to.
My dreams are different, this is true.
It’s time to start living, to see this through.

My role has changed and now I’m older.
I’m wiser, I’m louder, outspoken and bolder.
Alongside my wants I stand shoulder to shoulder,
Away from the old me, colder and colder.

You will not define me. This hurt, this pain.
I will not allow you to lather me in shame.
My life you will no longer frame.
This wild woman cannot be tamed.

I file you away, so I begin to live.
I’m tired of you taking so I start to give.
I give, I give, some more I give.
Yes, I feel it. I’m alive. I live.

No more sadness, or solace to seek.
You can’t hold me down, label me freak.
My dreams are here, no longer do I seek.
I’m here. I’m present. No ‪longer weak.

It’s for a good cause!


Hello lovely fans of my page… I have a few pieces in the works for you, a follow up on my Endometriosis journey and the #RoadToHysterectomy as well as a new series on tattoos and my rituals. While my broken body works on churning these bits out for you, here is something to make you feel good for the month of May.

My beautiful friend not only beat Cancer, she ripped it’s head off with her bare hands! Now, she is going off to do her first Pretty Muddy 5K in the month of July and is doing her part for Cancer Research UK. She has started a Just Giving page for this reason and I ask you to please help this very worthwhile, important cause.

You can go to the link below and donate any amount you see fit! Even £1 would do the trick, it’s £1 more than she started with:) Everyone knows someone who has been or will be affected by this awful disease, but I’m fortunate enough to know someone who kicked it’s butt… Now help Cancer Research UK help someone else do the same.

Just Giving page – Kara 

Happy Giving!!!

Shevy xxx 

Meine Familie


*** This was written on my short flight back from Germany on Sunday evening ***

I am about to say something I don’t think I thought I’d ever say. I am on a plane back from Germany – I went to Germany for the weekend!

Living in South Africa, the idea that one could simple dash across the continents for a brief two day European trip was one reserved for rushed business men and private plane owners. Now that I live in England, I’m that much closer to a German schnitzel and the prospect of hopping along the seas for cafè in Paris (Pareeeeeee) is one that excites the travel tendons in these not so little legs.

Moving away from South Africa saw me leave behind many a friend and even more family. If you follow my blog, these struggles were highlighted in pieces I wrote over a year and a half ago now when I arrived in the UK. I could never have imagined what leaving the country I grew up in would give me by living in my country of birth. Not only do I feel like I am truly home, I feel like an entirely new and unchartered garden has been placed before me and in this garden, a newly forming family tree.

My family moved to South Africa in September of 1990, I was not even 6 years old when I waved goodbye to England for a new, warmer life in the Republic of Zuid Afrika. I was young, too young to recall my memories of early family childhood experiences. I remember tidbits, dalliances with my 5 year old self’s memories. Eating trifle at the foot of Great Nana Collier’s chair (Amazing trifle), visiting Nanny and Grandpa’s green garden playing with their tabby cat, doing the hokey pokey at Butlins, sliding down a helter skelter on a welcome mat (OK, not a welcome mat but I’m certain unused helter skelter mats become welcome mats, they were that uncomfortable!) and refusing to walk down the aisle at Aunty R and Uncle A’s wedding as I found my tightly woven French plait rather disagreeable. Those are the good memories, I treasure all of them. It’s what I cannot remember and what I did not have that I now realise I missed out on.

I have very little memory of a young child visiting family, I don’t remember my paternal grandparents in that time and grew up knowing only one side of my family in South Africa, I lived without knowing a whole other group of people with whom I share blood… It did not really bug me when I didn’t know what I was missing, but now that I live in the UK and my newly found family have crept into my life, I realise I missed out on a lot! 

Since moving to the UK, I have been able to see my grandparents 3 times. This may sound minimal to those that grew up with theirs but I only saw mine on the rare occasion that they visited us and of course the wonderful trip that allowed them to attend the most fantastic day, my wedding. My grandparents live in Carlisle which is approximately 6 hours away by car… A stone’s throw in comparison. We are able to talk often on the phone and they are able to share in the lives of my daughters, their great grandchildren. 

I have also been able to get to know my Uncle R, my tree surgeon Uncle whom I left when I was 6! It’s been 25 years since I had seen him last and our first meet felt like we’d never met before. Our second meet feels like I’ve known him a lifetime! I am so looking forward to meeting his children, my young cousins who I’ve not yet had the pleasure of getting to know.

Our trip to Germany was in aid of my Uncle J’s 50th birthday celebration. Fortunately I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with Uncle J as he was able to visit South Africa a few times. This trip was amazing in that I was given the opportunity to not only share in the celebration but I was able to party hard with German family… As if we had grown up together our whole lives. It is thanks to Uncle J’s birthday that I have now been able to meet my German side of the family. The wonderful cousins and their fantastic partners that I had heard so much about but never had the opportunity to meet! Little S who I last saw when I was taller than he was (this is most definitely no longer the case) who loves his BMW and his girlfriend equally but has a kind heart and is a fantastic big brother. ‘Jagermeister’ who I hit it off with instantly, probably because he reminds us so much of my brother in his wild spirited but good hearted ways. Beautifully classy V with her worldly soul and good spirited nature who will no doubt go on to do great things. Lastly, the reserved N who has the quietest shell filled with so much raw talent, she is the young gift to the family. All of them wonderful, mature people who I had the most amazing time with. All of them who I am sad to say goodbye to today. All of them who I’ve been honoured enough to meet. Cousins and partners, thank you for making this weekend amazing. I have new friends and family in you xx

I really enjoyed this weekend, I was able to see my Dad and brother who came from South Africa to party, I loved hearing about my gorgeous nephew RJ and how he is developing. I enjoyed seeing beautiful Germany and learning some German, the good and the bad words. I got to meet so many amazing different people including H (Uncle R’s girlfriend) who I absolutely love and adore and cannot wait to see more of in the UK. 

I remember that for all that I have had to give up on our quest for a better life, I have also gained so much. I have gained a fresh slate, a change of scenery and another tree in the garden of life. 

Life is good.

Auf Wiedersehen.

Side note. Names have been reduced to initials for privacy xx 




Waving goodbye to my womanhood…


As my beautiful friend (Known here as K) calls it, it’s time for some word vomit. An update. Some information, for those of you who care to know what’s going on with my womb. My broken, no longer correctly functioning reproductive system. 

Again, a warning for my male friends and family. This post is also about periods and my uterus, close your browser now if you choose not to read any further…

You may have read my previous post about my Ovary Action,  if not go and have a read as an introduction to this follow on post.   Since that article, I’ve spent some time in and out of my GP’s rooms and then back to my specialist and his lab for further testing, hormone profiling (in the form of a blood test), pelvic examinations and sonars etc. I’ve become a regular at this fancy hospital in which I’m being treated (It’s very fancy, I feel very under dressed when I visit) and have sat morning after morning, nervously awaiting my treatment solution as well as my next period.

Last week, I had another sit down with my consultant (Names of hospitals / gynae / doctors etc will be omitted from my posts for personal reasons) and after a very long consult, a plethora of information and for the most part a Grade 10 / Year 8 biology lesson (That’s about the last time I heard about FSH, Follicle Stimulating Hormone) our course of action has been decided. The way forward has been plotted on a hand drawn spider diagram. The removal is to take place. At the age of 31, I will be thrown into Menopause. 

I am not a doctor, nor have I had any medical training and do not advocate one treatment over another for anyone in my condition. The reality is that this decision is what is best for me based on all of my test results as analysed by my doctors and specialists. I will be having a Hysterectomy and Oophorectomy to remove my uterus and ovaries which will put my body into Menopause a lot earlier than expected… It is important to note that this decision is not made lightly by any party and because I have had children and a tubal ligation (female sterilisation), there was no further desire for children. My womb is jobless.

It is fair to say that I left the Gynae with a sense of dread, relief, anxiety and fear. I have been armed with more information than I know what to do with and have spent my time day in and day out on Endometriosis blogs and forums, researching information on the procedure and the after effects. I put on a brave face and make light hearted jests at my situation but the reality is that I’m a nervous wreck… Not for the operation itself but for what is to precede the op as well as my life thereafter.

As I am very young, it isn’t known how my body will handle such an early Menopause. For this reason, for a period of 4-6 months I need to go onto a course of medication to stop my ovaries from working – As my Dr says, turn my ovaries off – which will emulate the result of a Hysterectomy / Oophorectomy. This medication is called Zoladex which is used for a multitude of things including male and female cancers and uterus preparation for ablasion procedures. Zoladex is administered as a monthly injection of an implant (implant = screams big fat needle) under the skin in my abdomen. In conjunction with the Zoladex, as I will be going into a faux menopause at this point, I will also be put onto Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT’s) to mimic the hormones that my body should be producing when my ovaries do a Houdini. The HRT (Specifically called Tibolone) will then have to continue post op until I’m approximately 51 years old at which time I can stop taking them to get on the same hormonal level as other women my age. Unfortunately, I’ve heard very mixed information about Zoladex, straight from my Gynae’s mouth (and a reliable source / friend) it’s going to make things worse before it makes things better.

Read – Please don’t hate me for being a b1tch. I’m going to be moody, I’m going to be miserable. I’m going to be in pain and my ovaries are not going to be working. Be nice to me and apologies in advance.

I have to see my Gynae again after 4 months of injections to make sure that my body is reacting as it should be. If he is happy, he will schedule in the surgery and we will proceed as planned.

As for the surgery, my biggest concern here is recovery. I’m not afraid of operations… I’ve had two C-Sections, my sterilisation, a mouth op and various other procedures done. I’m more concerned about being in recovery for at least 6-8 weeks (Health and safety here in the UK is quite strict so that means no return to work for 6-8 weeks as well). I’m worried about finances in the time I will have to take off work (3 month savings plan has already been done), I’m worried about my children and my family while I’m playing invalid. I’m worried that it’s such a drastic procedure to have my reproductive system literally removed and so I’m nervous about how my body will react. It’s not like I can go back and reverse it! And the question everyone asks, how am I feeling about it all psychologically? To be honest, I can’t answer that yet. It is a big deal to have ones inners removed, especially such important ones to the female body. I’m scared and anxious about it but I’ve also spent so many years in agony that it’s got to be worth it, right? My biggest fear is waking up post surgery and feeling a sense of loss for my womb, but I have been sterilised so technically I have shut everything down once before… As far as a family and the uterus’s duties are concerned, it’s already been in retirement for 4 years. 

And will this take the pain away? The specialists seem to think so. As my problems are localised around my ovaries (Hence the Oophorectomy), the pain should be removed with it. As for the bleeding? Gone. I will save a fortune in lady products (Yay me) and as for all the gynaecological cancers that are cropping up, I have to take a small positive that without ovaries or a uterus, I won’t get ovarian or uterian cancer. 

As you can tell by this post, I’m still pretty all over the place about it. I’m now waiting for my GP to contact me (Anyday now) to let me know they’ve received the script from the specialist and I need to go in for my first Zoladex injection (anxious) and then the ‘fun’ begins. 

I realise that this is becoming somewhat of a series of posts on its own. I plan to journal things as we go along as I know I am NOT alone. Remember, I am NOT a medical professional and only speak for what I know and understand.

Until next time xx


What’s in the box?!


It is no secret that I have become somewhat of a make up addict! If you follow me on any of my social media channels, you would know that my latest spoils are made up of gorgeous shoes and enviable cosmetics, it was only a matter of time before I decided to write a blog about my favorites… I have not really done much beauty blogging barring a few posts when I was selling Younique, this is not a review as such but more so a show of my improving skills (Which I am a little bit proud of).

Saturday morning I had nothing better to do, naturally that meant I had at least 2 hours to kill in front of a mirror. It was a day of make up, brush fails and selfies. Isn’t that what one does when one gets all made up with nowhere to go? I had also received my Jeffree Star velour lipsticks the week before in Blue Velvet and Abused, having been stopped numerous times and asked about the lipstick shade / brand I was wearing, I thought it fair to share that with you as well.

Note – I am by no means a make up artist and have no expert skills! This is just a gal, wearing make up for herself.


In case you don’t know what the box is, it’s the beauty box of course! The box that is now getting far to small for all it’s treasures. There are many things in the box but I thought I would focus on a few of my favorite things :

I started off by prepping and basing my face as normal. This requires the following simple steps – In truth, I have gone from someone who used foundation and that was it (Not even a blush), my base layer now consists of the following :

PRIMER – To be honest, I did not even know what primer was. When I started selling Younique, I received this Younique primer and so far it has served me well.
FOUNDATION – I use Estee Lauder, Double Wear in Fresco. This foundation has an awesome matte finish and provides excellent coverage, I have a lot of scarring and psoriasis and so far this is the only foundation that I have found covers the way I need it to.
POWDER – One of my more recent purchases was the Urban Decay Naked Skin Loose Finishing powder in Naked light. Lightly dusted over an already matte foundation, this powder makes my skin feel like silk!
CONCEALER – I never used to wear concealer but not only does it cover up the dark bags under the eyes that one is gifted at the birth of your first child, it also doubles up as a highlighter so if you are feeling artistic and have time to contour, a concealer is a great way to bring it all together. This Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Fair Neutral is a perfect fit with the products I already use.
BROWS – It is also no secret that I am not the most on fleek brow artiste. I have eyebrows. That is the extent of my knowledge on them… As for keeping them tidy, I manage. I am dying to have my brows permanently tattooed but until then, the scarring needs a little filling in and when my hand is steady enough, they get elongated as well. I use a Kiko Eyebrow sculpt as my hand helper.

The basics…
The latest mega trend in the beauty world is the art of Çontouring’. Thanks to Kim Kardashian, Pinterest and numerous Youtube videos, everyone can now rock the chiselled cheek bone and shadowed jaw line. Well, almost.

All of the tutorials and videos on Contouring make it look easy, realistically it isn’t. After trying a few products and experimenting with blending, I have found that the best contouring tools for me are powder based and so I purchased the Anastasia Beverley HIlls Pro Contour Kit in Light-Medium. This product goes on well, blends beautifully and paired with my Urban Decay Limited Edition Gwen Stefani blush palette, left me with rosy highlighted cheek bones and feeling pretty, oh so pretty (“,).

IMG_2075 IMG_2076

But lets be fair, it is not ALL about the face! (See what I did there). For the purposes of show casing my new Jeffree Star lipsticks, I decided on a light eye make up making use of my Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette (Obsessed with this!). Once I had my face and my eyes on, it was down to the lips to complete my look! Let it be known that I did a full eye make up application, attempted winged liner, stuffed winged liner up, removed all eye make up and re did it sans the winged eyeliner. Sometimes, you have to leave it behind if it is not working!

Towards the end of last year, I became a mega fan of Jeffree Star – His make up skills are off the charts and all of the energy he put into his make up line has paid off. I now have 4 of the lipsticks (Unicorn Blood, Weirdo, Abused and Blue Velvet) and this look was the first Blue Velvet application and the brand / colour did NOT dissapoint!

After spending 2 hours on a full face of make up, the only thing left to do is make sure that it does NOT go anywhere. For this, I use the Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray after which I proceeded to take a thousand selfies – To prove that I did not do such a bad job after all…

And there we have it, 2 hours of make up work to make the face look this good but at the end of it, I thought it turned out really well! For someone who doesnt wear make up Monday to Friday and most certainly did not spend time chiselling cheeks, I am proud of my progression in the make up world! Looking forward to trying out new things and rocking funky looks – Because why not?