Time for a Rockabilly rant.

It’s not often they I choose to feed negativity here on http://www.theshevster.com but I must say, I’m particularly frikkin annoyed and must rant to keep my stress levels as low as possible.

My dad’s 50th birthday is coming up and the theme of the party… ‘glam’. Being a 50th I chose to dress in a 50’s rockabilly type fashion which I’m particularly excited about.

From Miss Happ, all my gorgeous glam accessories to match my dress – pics attached.

From Pinn’d Up Clothing, a beautiful Rockabilly dress – pics attached.

We’ve since co ordinated the family (daughters and husband) to dress glamorously using the red, white and blue theme carried throughout and their outfits (and accessories) are in the wardrobe, all ready to go for Saturday.

All planned and good to go right? Wrong! Because, by no fault of the supplier, my dress has gone missing. It was made, it was couriered to supplier for quality control, some bastards at customs took a rifle through my package and now my dress is gone. GONE! It didn’t even get to supplier for final courier to me even though the rest of the items arrived safely (including my underskirt, thankfully but no use without the dress). With 5 days to go before the party, I have shoes and I have accessories but alas, I’ll be going naked. While everything is being done to attempt a rush order on a new dress or provide me with another one (pointless really as it won’t match now), chances are slim that I’ll receive the dress I ordered in my size in time for the party😦

I am so angry at the audacity of people in this country! How DARE you/they/he/she open up MY package and take the dress made specifically for ME paid for by MY hard earned money leaving ME without the dress. Quite frankly it’s disgusting that we can’t trust the postal service so we use a courier but heck, you can’t even trust customs to get anything into the country because guess what, someone sitting there clearly believes they deserve it more than you do. For free. I am angry (because this isn’t the first time) and now, I’m also anxious because I don’t know what I’m going to have by Friday (if anything) and what I do eventually receive may not fit or match. What the actual f@#k (French to be excused please) is wrong with the world and the people in it that all morals are thrown to the wind because you see a pretty dress and choose to keep it. Screw you. Screw customs. Screw the government. Screw the country.

Really positive leading up to election time isn’t it?

In case you didn’t realize before, I’m pissed off and now I’m miserable as well… Feeling no better for my rant. It’s such a pretty dress and now I don’t have it and I have such pretty accessories and nothing to wear them with. To add to my crappy few days I’ve lost my Twisp (e-cigarette), gotten a severe UTI, been on horrid antibiotics, broken the UV lamp for my nails and broken out in the worst psoriasis ever. If this is May 2014, I want a do over – truly hope it isn’t a telling of the days to come.

I know, I sound like a spoilt brat but if you spent hard earned money on something you had your heart set on receiving but didn’t actually receive, you’d be a spoilt brat too…

Here’s hoping I have a dress by Friday, or my family may be wrapping me in a tablecloth.

Rant over



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