Who am I?

Hey, Shevy here.

Thanks so much for viewing my blog and deciding to find out a little more about me! I’m a fun loving, free spirited young girl in the body of an adult woman. I take the time to blog about the issues that come up in my own life that I’m pretty sure you can relate to, if not you then someone you know. I write for me but if one person appreciates what I’ve written, that’s 1 more than I expected. Here is a little bit of information about me and who I think I am… After you’ve gotten to know me a little, feel free to browse around.

I am a MOM! Firstly, my most important role in life, I am a mother. I have two beautiful daughters (Who feature quite prominently in these pages).

I am a wife to an awesome husband – Don’t try to charm me, I am taken!:)


I am a sister. I’m the eldest of 4 siblings and recently became an aunt for the first time.

I am a daughter to two sets of parents and a set of in laws.

I am a child of the Goddess. I am a pagan and a solitary practitioner of the wiccan craft. Ask me about it:) I don’t sacrifice animals, or enemies. Promise.

I am a business travel consultant. While I fancy myself to be a writer in my spare time, I actually have a DAY job!

I’m probably one of very few people you may know who’s travelled to Borneo. FUN FACT!

I am English. By birth. I spent most of my life in South Africa but came back to the UK – You may have followed this nightmarish story through a series of blogs I wrote.

I am a Scorpio. Enough said.

A few more random facts about The Shevster :

  • My favorite day is my birthday.
  • I love to write… Poetry, blogs and tweets.
  • My favorite past time is reading… Anything vampire. Favorite authors are Anne Rice and Martina Cole.
  • I cannot cook.
  • All time favorite movie is the Breakfast Club. It’s the only movie I can watch repeatedly. I loved it so much, I blogged about it Best movie EVER
  • I love Evanescence. Amy Lee is one of my heroines.
  • Passions include tattoos, piercings, body modification and expressing oneself as uniquely as possible.
  • I hate scary movies but love reality T V.



  • I’m scared of the dark but can’t get enough of roller coasters.
  • My favorite ‘colour’ is black – no color arguments please. (My husband likes to remind me that it is not a colour).
  • My life has flashed before my eyes… More than once.
  • Rarely do I care what people think.


I absolutely adore the Vintage, Pin-Up, Rockabilly, 50’s era!

I love the sound of my own voice but am convinced that no one else thinks its that fantastic. In fact it’s quite deep and I’m sure people have wondered if I am in fact female.

I am pretty infatuated with all things fantastical, this includes vampires. In a past life I’m certain I was a vampire or witch and have been told that I was present at the Salem witch trials.


I get pretty irritated with stupid people… A work in progress.

I do not drive. Solely dependent on my chauffeur aka husband for transport due to a head on collision with a tree a few years back. Thanks goodness for public transport in the UK! Independence for the win Xx

My friends and family are the most important people in my life! I live for them.


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