Guest Blog – Don’t Ruin The Kids – The Tattooed Lady

When I put out the request for a Guest Blogger, I never expected to have one of my favorite bloggers contact me for a guest appearance on the blog of well, ‘lil ol me’.

I am truly honored and excited to introduce to you, The Tattooed Lady!
The Tattooed Lady is not only a lady with tattoos but rather a woman with deep, meaningful and personal insight into the world of tattoo artwork. I’ve had first hand sightings of her amazing tattoos and love reading her well researched and extremely interesting blogs on the history of skin art and body modification.

Here she is, The Tattooed Lady

The Guest Blogger profile – The Tattooed Lady.

Tell us a about yourself in 5 words?
Irrationally cautious, curious Googler with an obsession with tattoos.

If technology was taken away from you for a day, how would you pass the time?
I’d reestablish the writing callus on my finger and use a pen for a change, I’d read outside under the shade of a tree and probably teach my son the value of chucking a clay lat at someone while covered in vlei mud.

If you could have dinner with the deceased, who would it be and why?
I hope that there isn’t a limit; I’d have my gran and my father around – there is a lot that needs to be said that we always forget about when the fear of never being able to isn’t prevalent. I’d like to have dinner with Jim Morrison, although from what I’ve read about him; keeping him focused on conversation would be difficult – but man! Wouldn’t that be an amazing experience?
Norman Collins, AKA Sailor Jerry; I’d like to speak to him about his life. I am mildly obsessed with him, so it would be euphoric for me!

What is your favorite book?
I can’t decide on just one book; that is a terrible injustice to the beauty of literature. The book that I have read often though would be Mario Puzo’s The Godfather.

If you had the opportunity to change one thing about the world, what would it be?
For people to be kinder to each other. There is so much discrimination and hatred in the world, wouldn’t it be great if people just stopped the hate and started treating people the way they want to be treated?

Do you have a favorite tattoo on your body and would you like to share the significance?
My favourite tattoo is the bumble bee tattoo that my son did for me. It doesn’t have any meaning, but it was the most emotional tattoo that I have ever had done, simply because my 7 year old designed it, tattooed it and is exceptionally proud of it and so am I.

Blog name and link:
The Tattooed Lady –


Don’t Ruin The Kids.

I am a mom. I like to open up with that statement because of all of my achievements that is the one that I am the proudest of. No, I didn’t apply to mom school and win an award, quite the contrary; I have stumbled over the responsibility for the past 7 years but somehow I’ve managed to keep my son in one piece. I am heavily tattooed. I usually don’t have to tell people this; it’s quite obvious when you first meet me that I am on the edge of what society considers “uniquely modified” although it really is just tattoos and a bit of wild hair. That point needed to be brought up though because it affects how I parent so much more than people actually assume.

You see, when you are a modified couple with a different view on raising children than the normal folks have, you’re in for a really tough challenge on your hands. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not discriminating against the non-tattooed, clean cut Joe and Jill Soaps of the world; I think that it is safe to say though that there are generally more critical of what we do as a family than if I were barren.

Allow me to explain.

If you were to see my son, you would see a blond, blue eyed kid with a typical little boy tendencies. He likes to play soccer with his friends and run around making “Pew Pew” noises in the garden; he loves riding his bike and mastering tricks on his skateboard. In addition to that, he is quite the budding artist who simply loves spending time drawing. That was until recently though, we have noticed a steady decline in his artistic ability and I found out that it was because he was told Not to draw monsters anymore.

This new found fear that he has about what he can and cannot draw is seriously distressing to me, because as creatives; we want our son to express himself however he sees fit. If that means drawing exceptionally detailed monsters, then that is okay by me.

He does have it a little tougher than most kids as well though. Being the only child of a tattooed family makes for interesting misconceptions when it comes to him as a little person, and an awful lot of unfair pressure is placed on him by his peers. Parent’s tend to forget that when they talk, their kids are listening and while you might have an awful lot to say about the out there tattooed parents of the little blonde boy; leaving your kids with that negativity leads to one miserable kid.

Yes, my protector of the weak, sensitive artist child has been singled out and is frequently subject to the nastiest verbal slurs that anyone could be exposed to – let alone a group of 7 year olds. It’s extremely difficult for me as a mom to intervene when I know that the sad truth is that he’ll be subject to this behaviour his entire life. Why is that the norm?

Why is it okay to judge people based on their appearance and force that level of judgement onto children? Why is it a big deal that there is a child at school whose parent’s look a little bit different to what you consider normal?
Why is who we love and associate with such a thin line in order for it to be considered acceptable?

Growing up in South Africa taught me that I as a white person had more rights than someone of colour, even though I know better (and thankfully, I have always been a pretty strong willed individual who fought the system even as a young ‘un); it was still imprinted on us all. My argument is that we’ve moved on from that, yet parents are still teaching their children to be prejudice and that is ruining children!
You are ruining your children with narrow-minded and dare I say, insecure issues that you feel the need to teach your kids, because you’re the parent right?

We are all responsible for the people that we create in our children, and when you think about it – having that much of an impact on the future is a pretty big deal. So when expressing your discontempt about the same sex couple in the park; the tattooed family in the shops; the interracial couple at your school or anyone that doesn’t fit your idea of socially acceptable… we think that you’re pretty boring, but we don’t mind being nice to you anyway!

I have token side notes in all of my blog posts, my side note for this blog is that although these are my opinions and expressions, you are welcome to disagree with me! I personally don’t see anything disagreeable about being a nice person though!
~The Tattooed Lady

First guest blogger, 8 year old Hayley.

I wanted to do a feature on my blog for guest bloggers and thought the best blogger I could use would be Hayley. I have been unwell and definitely not in my right mind to write a blog this last day or two (or a few days ahead while I recover) but had a little 8 year old in my house who was dying to get on my blog…

So here it is, in her own writing with her own spelling, Hayley Grace (8 years old, Grade 3).



Guest Blogger

So you want to write, but dont feel like creating a blog site?
You have something to say but dont feel like promoting it.
Just want 15 minutes of fame but not sure where to get it??

Then this is for you!

I would really like to a feature a monthly (If possible, maybe every second month) guest blogger feature. No specific topic, any piece of writing. I am looking for insight / poetry / current topics / art – Anything that is important enough to you for you to want to right about it.

If you would like to submit a guest blog, please send a sample piece to me to get a feel of what it is you will be writing. You can submit this to me via email, post to my ‘What’s on your mind’ page, click this contact link or comment below this post.

Get writing, get creative and send this through to me as soon as possible, I am excited to get someone blogging!