It seems like no matter where your turn in this day and age, something controversial is jumping out of your screen. Once upon a time, it used to be (and in some places still is) taboo to discuss sexuality and the origins of being homosexual, bisexual or just plain sexual. Now that most of the intelligently thinking population has gotten past this ‘moral’ hurdle, we are faced with a new unconventional concept… Transgender.

The same way that the world stood against the notion that being homosexual was not a choice but in fact predisposed genetically

Having two young girls myself and being what I like to think is a very open minded person, I have no qualms in explaining to them what the new TLC show called ‘I am Jazz’ is about. I am sure that the same cannot be said for everyone and believe that many will struggle with the concept that a person (and even young child) can identify with one gender when created in the likeness of another. The same way that the world stood against the notion that being homosexual was not a choice but in fact predisposed genetically (an ongoing argument amongst the intolerant).
I believe that as a people (generalisation) we place far too much emphasis on the who, the why, the when. People who are different are boxed and tagged and fitted with a Wikipedia description. If we can’t find an explanation, we shun and judge. And now, here on TV, is a little girl showing off her almost normal little life to the world as a young teenager – her only gripe is that boys find her almost repulsive because she is transgender. Because she has a penis, boys won’t look at her. Because she has a penis, boys don’t want to be gay. Because she has a penis, she must be a freak.

This totally grates my cheese.

Why is it so difficult for people to separate sexuality and gender? Just because a woman was born a man but now identifies as a woman, despite having the male bits and bobs, doesn’t mean she has to like woman because she has a penis or has to like men because now she is a woman. That is irrelevant! The important piece of the picture that is missed here is that she is a person who had the courage to live the life she was born too (Cue Lady Gaga music) and had the ‘balls’ (no pun intended) to come out of the gender closet open to ridicule and scrutiny. The same can be said for a man born a woman who identifies as a man – props to that guy! Applaud these people dammit, they are being who they were made to be – THEMSELVES, no matter what form that is in.
So now it’s time to talk about HER, flavour of the month Caitlyn Jenner. I am so sick and tired of people breaking her down because she is a household name. Because she had some semblance of fame pre transition, she seems to get the brunt of everyone’s judgement and after having watched her series ‘I am Cait’, I’m more in her corner than ever before! Here’s the thing, yes she did have it easier than most financially in terms of becoming a woman. Like most famous women, she can afford fashion stylists and make up artists and hair stylists and expensive clothing and lavish accessories and even surgeries. Does that change the severity of her transition? Not at all?! How can the nay sayers not see that being in the public eye was a major deterrent from speaking out and the fact that she is so engrained in the Kardashian empire made her transition all the more difficult. I don’t think it’s fair to belittle her experience – it is still a profound undertaking not be laughed at and fortunately for her she had the means to do it. Does it take strength? Absolutely. Is she as courageous as the next transgender person? Hell yes. The fact that so many sofa psychologists sit at home judging the manner in which she came out or the reason for it, is a perfect example of the inability to accept that someone did something because it was right for them and not right for everyone else. I have been watching her reality series and her struggles are real, but more importantly her struggles are her own and she has chosen to share them with the world. The show is also full of transitioning or transitioned transgender people, men and women, each with a story to tell – some stories sadder than others. It sickens me that the human race can be so cruel and unkind to that which they do not know and I will refuse to raise my children to be so closed minded.

Having a penis does not make you a man. Giving birth does not make you a woman.

The reality is that we exist in an ever changing, ever developing world. What was the ‘norm’ fifty years ago is no longer. I do not need to be a sailor to have tattoos. I do not need to be a goth to dye my hair black. Having a penis does not make you a man. Giving birth does not make you a woman. Society has no right to dictate what is best for my children and so either of them may turn around to me at any time to tell me that she is a man trapped in a woman’s body – that is not grounds for ridicule. I am not a perfect parent but the perfectly parent way is to accept my children for who they are…

And if we accept our children as they are, why is that we cannot be so acceptable of others??

The Modern Woman


In a time before women were allowed to vote and men had mani pedi’s, our breast wielding predecessors were happy to restrict their movements by way of a corset and stay home to tend the home and children. Those days are long gone, instead we wear corsetry for sexual prowess and only marry a man willing to tend the home and children so we do not have to. Who are we? The modern, 21st century woman with independence and a career – We are a single man’s worst nightmare.

Making a statement meant wearing a pair of pants and non-conformity was met with oppression

Women before me spent hundreds, no thousands of years fighting their way to the top of any ladder they could – Political, financial, emotional to name but a few. They donned their bonnets and walked the streets, picketed their views for all to see. Making a statement meant wearing a pair of pants and non-conformity was met with oppression. It has always been an underlying fuel to any gender driven fire – A woman, refusing to be held down by societal norms, wanting only to be found as equal.

Well here we are, 21st century women in arms living the spoils of the gender equality war. And are we happy? I don’t think we are not happy, I think we are too proud to admit that women before us fought so hard for something we are not even sure we wanted or still want – To be independent, to be emotionally self-supporting and to be reliant on only ourselves for anything we could or would want. A man, a relationship, sex, love – It is on our terms, we call the shots and if it exists it is only because we allow it to.  Or so we think…

SO what happened? When did we skip the grey area between the two extremes? On the one hand we chose not to be oppressed but on the other we choose to need nothing but what we can give ourselves. What happened to being dependent with an opinion and why do women come under such scrutiny for wanting to be a stay at home mother, reliant on her husband but still having a voice and actually wanting to support and give her husband what he needs to make her happy. Surely we should be acceptable of the middle ground when we advocate for the extreme.

General perception said that a woman’s place was behind her man and in the home, his place was to bring home the bacon

We have forgotten that in those times of ‘oppression’, many (if not most at the time) revered the role of doting housewife. General perception said that a woman’s place was behind her man and in the home, his place was to bring home the bacon. So now, the modern woman has the opposite – She can go out, make and have a career, bring home the bacon and refuses to stand behind anyone. But what makes standing behind your husband any less admirable than what you do by being self-sufficient.

As a gender, women are the nastiest kind. We judge the women that choose the dependent lifestyle and rebuff the 21st century norms that say a woman need not have a man to be happy. And what of the men? The confused souls that have to endure this ever-changing mind-set and never know where they stand… We tell them we want independence and do not need them but when they do not provide what we expect them to, we emasculate them and make them feel worthless. We tell them that they can be whoever they want to be but when they take metro sexual strides, we mock their sexuality. We say that we don’t need them to play the role of the man, the provider, the bread-winner and yet work them so hard they are filled with resentment.

With much love I say that the modern woman wants to have her cake and eat too and she needs to take a step back and evaluate what she wants before calling any more of the shots. I have said ‘we’ all this time because as a gender we have always wanted one thing, equality, but in some way we have managed to abuse that and use it to our advantage – No longer do we feel we are equal but we now act as if we are superior. Who are the oppressed one’s now?

The societal pressure is still there, to be the career woman. The perfect mother. The perfect wife. A lady in the streets but a freak in the bed. To have and keep it together, always. I am just saying that it is OK not to slander the women who choose the lifestyles they do, in fact that makes them more modern than any of those fighting for independence. If a mother chooses not to work, if a wife chooses to cook and clean, if a woman chooses not to have children or if a lady chooses she only ever wants to be single it is because of choice. Who are the rest of us to decide that their choice is any better than our own?

So who is the modern woman?

She is the woman with choice.


Product review – 3D Fiber Lash mascara by Younique



You can imagine the excitement this morning when my Younique collection was waiting downstairs on the coffee table, just dying to be opened and tested! Because, when you have nowhere to go and nothing to do, surely it is only natural to want to play dress up at home as if you were a little girl – Naturally, I gave the parcel what it wanted and introduced the amazing products to my face!

The main product I am looking at today is the 3D Fiber Lash mascara by Younique. It is a little intimidating at first, two tubes in this glamorous little carry case staring back at you in anticipation, but if you follow the instructions on the leaflet you just cannot go wrong… If you have bought these lashes, you may as well throw away and false lashes that are in your possession – YOU REALLY won’t need then anymore, let me show you why.

So what do you need? How to use it?


Get all your goodies together – You will need your 3D Fiber Lash case (With your gel and fibre’s in of course), regular mascara, a lash and brow brush and an eyelash curler.

US-1017-00 IMG_3867 IMG_3871 IMG_3870

  • You can purchase your 3D Fiber Lash mascara from my website – Shevnique for £23 each or as part of a collection.
  • Younique have an amazing Lash Comb / Brow Brush available which you can purchase on my site for £16 each
  • You can use your regular mascara – Try to use a thinner mascara, not a thick / clumpy one.
  • You can pick up a lash curler for a fiver from the Body Shop

First step would be to brush out your eye lashes, get rid of the clumping and make sure you have cleaned off any residue mascara you may have on your lashes – Clean face equals easy application.

Take your eye lash curler and just give your eye lashes a little bit of a curl – This is important for people who wear glasses like I do. Once your lashes are curled, once your 3D lashes are applied they won’t stick awkwardly outward.

Apply a coat of your regular mascara – Make sure you apply it smoothly and let it dry before continuing. Once your lashes are dry, use your lash comb to brush out any clumps you may have.

Take your 3D fiber lash mascara and start applying them one eye at a time, making sure to take plenty of pics in between of course to ensure you have a before / after look – Be sure to share them with me so everyone can see just how much you love your lashes!

First apply your transplanting gel to your lashes (one eye at a time) – You can do top and bottom or top only, whatever YOU prefer. While the gel is still wet, apply a layer of fiber lashes to your already gelled lashes and finish off with another layer of transplanting gel to seal the fibers to your lashes. You can then apply in the same way to your second eye…

If you are feeling adventurous, you can re apply in the same way to either eye and continue until your lashes are as thick and as long as you prefer – Make sure that with every fiber lash application, you are sealing those fibers in with the gel.

End product?



But no, I could not stop at the lashes because I had some beautiful lip stain and my lucrative lip gloss so I decided to give myself some luscious lips as well!


And then… the end product! Beautiful, long, 3D lashes and some gorgeously red lips!


Pity that now I am all dressed up with nowhere to go!

Happy Sunday and Happy Shopping! Make sure you get your Younique 3D fiber lash mascara and any of the other amazing Youinique products asap!


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